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About Me

 I'll describe myself in some detail.

"Hey", I am a 51 year old Black Male. I am a career Fireman in Baltimore City, a Tractor Trailer Driver for Old Dommion Freight Lines, and a Longshoreman at the Port of Baltimore.

I grew up in Cherry Hill, a neighborhood in South Baltimore which to myself and many others is a good neighborhood. There is nowhere else in the city that I would rather live If I had a choice then South Baltimore, [SOBO]. Sometimes I am a human road map. I have been many places up and down the East Coast. I like Philadelphia, and New York City the best I seem to have a lot of fun there. Norfolk & Newport News is another one of my favorites to spend some time. Fishing is very good in that area. I can drive anything from a Tractor Trailer to a Motorcycle, but I am afraid of a skateboard. I like to wear my suits. I have close to 29 suits in many different colors. When I come into the Firehouse after church, the guys on my shift have a different name for each color suit that I wear. Some of the names are under my pictures on this site. I have close to 50 pairs of shoes, and 75 dress shirts. I just like dressing up on Sundays to go to Church. I wear work clothes all week long, the Fire department Uniform, Truck driver clothes, & what I wear as a Longshoreman different seasons of the year at the Port of Baltimore, and I have to change up when Sunday comes.
              Some of my achievements are, Haz- Mat Training, WMD Training[Weapons of Mass Destruction], Crime Scene Investigation [CSI], The Ro Ro Rodeo 2004 at the Port of Baltimore, Traffic and Transportation Management at Catonsville Community College, Fire Arson I, & Fire arson II at Community College of Baltimore, Emergency Medical Technician-Bridge [EMT-B], Fire Officer I, Fire Prevention I, Member of the Vulcan Blazers of Baltimore, Maryland, Member of the Deacon Board at Life Celebration Center, and a former Volunteer at Montebello Elementary School.
              Some of the places I have worked, Roadway Motor Freight, CSX, Raytheon Warehouse, McCrory Stores Warehouse, Churchill Distributors, B Green Warehouse, Expressway Delivery Service [Wash. D.C.], Belair Produce, New England Motor Freight, Pace Warehouse now [Sam's Club],Preston Trucking, Con-Way Southern Express, Con-Way Central Express, Md. Jockey Club, Union Memorial Hospital, Pimlico, Bowie, Laurel Race Track*City of Baltimore, Fire Dept., Engine 52, *Old Dommion Freight Lines.
               My Church; Life Celebration Center, at 2100 Edmonson Avenue, in Baltimore, Maryland, where the most Honorable Bishop Michael D. Hannah is Pastor. I challange you to come and be blessed, oh one Sunday Morning. There is a lot of family there, my Aunt Irene which is my Fathers sister, and Bishop Hannah which is my first cousin. Elder Farmer which is also my first cousin. Again I say read...Isaiah 54:17 that is my favorite scripture, now peel that Old Testiment open to the book of Isaiah. In the New Testiment I must read the book of James...Keep the Faith! Remember, that GOD knew and made each one of us and knew what we would do before you were born. He knew what school we would attend, or jobs we would have, and our mates. He also gives us choices, and our life is managed by "the choices we make". Think about it...

"The Fightin 52 Engine of B.C.F.D.

BCFD Engine 52 is the station that I am assigned to. It is a busy station which is in the top 10 every year since I have been a Fireman. We run with Four Battalions when most others run with only 2 at the most. The reason is our location, which is a good pivot point to serve the citizens of Baltimore.

"Good to Go" on the 100

Hey..."Can you catch my step", you have got to be fast, or you will be left behind.


Here's a list of some of my favorite places to visit;

South Baltimore
New York City
Washington D.C.
Norfork, Va
York, Pa.
New Castle County, Del.
South Jersey
Wilmington Del.
Prince Georges County
Montgomery County
Olney, Md.

I am also a Notary Public of the State of Maryland. One of my asperations is to own my own truck."Yes" an 18 wheel Tractor & Trailer, and the name on the side has been picked out. CDR Trucking which stands for C, for my oldest daughter Chelsea, D for my youngest daughter Destinee, and R for my first name Robert. I hope to have a Red Freightliner Tractor with twin screw drive axles, 10 speed roadrangers, and a 500 hp diesel engine. I have a few business ideas that I would like to make a go at?????? for me to know, and you to watch for.
I also would like very, very much to move out of Baltimore, because I am tired of this place now. Baltimore is a fine town for those who like it. I have been here all of my life, and I need to start a new. My first desired place is New Castle County, Delaware, and my second choice is between the Maryland Line and York, Pa.. My first love is anywhere in New Castle County for price and value, the age of the houses, and a good pivot point to go anywhere that I want to go. I feel like starting a web for I want out of Baltimore bad.
I have to give a shout out to my good friends & family, Chelsea Wilkins, Destinee Wilkins, Kenneth L. Wilkins, Danita & Wayne Brown, Thomas Fraling, Evangelist Janetta Hinton, Robert Hamlin, Calvin Slay, John Newmuis, Bradford Bullock, Michael Barger, Carlos Brown, Keith Williams, Linwood & Yvette Farmer, Bishop Michael & Jenette Hannah, Rita Toliver, Donnie Tompson, Barbara Leggette, Timothy "Pete" Moore, Louis Jones, Evelyn Ward, Officer McCray at Mondawmin Mall, Steven Underwood, Nora Dawson & Daughter, All of the guys at 52 Engine, and so many others to numerous to name them all. If I missed you picture your name here____________

"When I am a Road Warrior"